Who Is Anna Ellis?

Anna Ellis is not a "who", rather Anna Ellis is a "what".


It is an ode to two individuals that served as the light in my darkest hours.


We met one another in the psychiatric ward. She was younger than I was. In a place that was so cold and unkind, she was warm and caring, sweet and understanding. In a place that brought no peace to me, I found comfort in her friendship. I think about her often and wonder where she is and how she is doing. I hope she is well and that her life is beautiful.

He was my psychologist for 10 years. He was soft spoken and gentle, Freudian in beliefs. He was a sharp dresser and reminded me of an idyllic grandfather. In the four walls of his office I felt safe. It was here that I was seen and heard and understood. With his help, I truly flourished.